These are free E-books that go into the philosophy and theory that are behind the Club of Brussels.


Wise Paper 1 :
26 Enjeux Historiques Belges

Language: French
Download here (.pdf)

As a society we will have to overcome many challenges this century. From global warming to the ageing of our population as well as economic and political catastrophes, the first manual in the Wise Papers series examines the major issues already reverberating across the globe and offers an estimate of what the actual cost could be, in concrete financial terms. While with a Belgium-based perspective, this manual is essential for any business, organisation or individual in need of a road map to the future.

26 historical challenges examined, with both estimated financial costs and calculations.


Wise Paper 2 :
Guide de La Pensée Systémique

Language: French
Download here (.pdf)

While the first Wise Paper may leave you scratching your head and asking as to how we can solve so many problems in so little time, Wise Paper 2 gives you a definitive answer: Systemic Thinking. By avoiding the common pratfalls of the linear approach that most organisations make and seeing how everything is interconnected, this simple guide will get you to connect the dots and apply multi-solutions to multiple challenges yourself.

An in-depth explanation of systemic thought & multi-solutions, with theory and over 20 practical examples.

Shifting Economy

Language: English
Download here (.pdf)

With 15 years of research and field experience and studies, we are pleased to offer you this toolbox for economic transition. We live in probably one of the most interesting periods in the history of mankind. The rise of the collective consciousness, and people are healing and mutating along with society and the economy. It is time for you to join the league of extraordinary change makers emerging worldwide.

This book contains 20+ tools that can be used for personal development, companies and cities or regions. All the tools work on different scales.

Le Nouveau Jeu Economique

Language: French
Download here (.pdf)

This publication presents a new economic model, as well as a methodology to get there. Adapt it to your situation and get your company to join the new economy with a resilient business model and a sustainable outlook.

A manual to manage the the transition from one world to another!