Wise Circles

Wise Circles

Wise Circles is a reflexion and work of an eclectic group of people to prepare the post systemic crisis.

The particularity of this group is their holistic and systemic approach on complexity management. They are human-centric, pragmatic optimists, and co-entrepreneurial.

To contact us, send a mail at michel@wiseholding.net

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Economic Transition Plan
Executive Summary An exceptional historical context The covid-19 crisis is the first shock of this decade. There are dozens of ...

People Involved

  • Michel de Kemmeter, founder of Club of Brussels
  • Corinne Dumont, Sequoia, business leadership
  • Marie de Cartier, Club of Brussels
  • Benoît Pitsaer, Club of Brussels
  • Carlos Alvarez, president of spanish Chapter of Club of Rome
  • Jacques de Gerlache, Club of Rome, chemistry
  • Roland Moreau, president of Club of Rome – EU Chapter
  • Patrick Corsi, member of CoR-EU Chapter
  • Carlos A. Gonzalez-Carrasco, founder of Human Conductivity Institute
  • Prof. Derrick Gosselin, chairman of the Belgian Nuclear Research Center SCK CEN, systemic intelligence and complexity management
  • Prof. Christian Ghymers, Irelac, Macro-economist
  • Hugo Araujo, CEO 7VORTEX , visualisation of systemics
  • Frédéric Meyvaert, entrepreneur
  • Gaelle Janssens, The Shift, SDGs
  • Philippe Drouillon, Metamorphosis
  • Rowan Gillies, leadership development
  • Martin Liu, Lid Publishing, editor
  • Liliana Carrillo, P2P Foundation, Peer to peer, Commons
  • Cédric Dumonceau, governance
  • Miguel Declercq, Echos Communications, territorial collective intelligence
  • Laurie Dufays, banking systems and management
  • Chantal Vander Vorst, neurosciences
  • Michel Bauwens, P2P Foundation
  • Marshall Leffertz, Thrive Movement
  • Hortense Albert, student
  • Cédric Dumonceau, governance
  • Prof. Philippe Dambly, risk and systemics, AXA-LAR
  • Christophe Degauquier, DAP, entrepreneur
  • Luc Dutilleux, president of Cercle Intermills
  • Hortense Albert, student
  • Eric Fabri, University of Oxford
  • Philippe Dambly, HEC Liège
  • Jean-Marc Legrand, TheClubDeal
  • Frédéric Donck, Internet Society
  • Prof. Rudy Aernoudt, senior economist EU
  • Rik Willard, Agentic Group