Rise of new dictators

Fears, trust and psychological games

George Orwell, 1984

Towards a choice for society — after confinement — who chooses for what ? Who has the hand today ?

Clearly not the political world. They have proven that they are not able to anticipate and manage correctly shocks and transition.

So now, whose turn is it ?

The lobbies, corporations and employers ? Because they would have the hand on salaries and products we need ?


Religious and spiritual leaders, like in the middle ages ?

Hm… Army ?

No. It is us. We have the hand. We have to choose.

Free the new slaves

After lockdown, there will emerge two very clear new groups of people: The ones that will have chosen for their true power, identity and unique added value, that (finally) decided to bring the best of themselves to the world. As citizens, companies, public institutions, cities or countries. These are tyhe people and organisations who will build new resilience communities.

The others — who will be afraid — will stay in dependance of whoever tells the best story. Those will be recuperated by companies and governments building their nevrotic strategies on fear, ego and control. This is where Big Brother high tech transhumanist scenarios gets to the next level. Also called “the new dictators”.

It is our own free will to buy into those. Nobody can force anybody. No in betweens any more. No grey. It will be quite a black & white choice.

After this and the next shocks, the new dictators will come over and say “we have the solution”. Whether they are political, technological, ideological, even pseudo-spiritual. Populists at large, they answer a basic need: 2nd level of Maslow’s pyramid, security. The need of security outside and around us is a compensation for a lack of inner security, being trust and confidence. In oneself, in life, in one’s projects and intentions. And that lack of trust is everywhere: in between families, neighbours, in politics, in business until top level world players. Nobody trusts nobody. It blocks banks to work together, companies, people, governments, citizens and communities. And why have we lost trust ? Partly because we have lost connexion with our nourishing mother, the Earth. Also because we are immature, and illiterate concerning what is truly going on for the moment.

BUT, we know we will HAVE to work together to succeed the transition of the next decade. If we don’t we and our companies will probably disappear (if we have to believe the crossing of hundreds of studies on the multiple historical challenges).

We have to re-learn to “be and work together”, build common purpose, serve common goals, for survival reasons, but also for efficiency reasons. Together, in collective intelligence, it just works better, faster, with less resources. Whether we like it or not.

But deep inside we all long for this sense of community and belonging. Each one with unique added value and identity.

So, the keys to unclock our prisons are choice for personal empowerment, autonomy, reconnexion, and purpose for communities and common good.

Those who do not will be locked even more by those WHO THEY WILL GIVE THEIR POWER TO, the new dictators: political, pseudo-spiritual gurus, pseudo-experts, brands and employers.

“The paradise we dream of is there already, right under our eyes. But to have access to it we have to take invisible hidden doors…”

To make that choice, one has to win a few inner wars…

Inner wars

Third world war is global. In front of our eyes. War for power, without us realizing it. It is neither a nuclear war, it is elsewhere. And, there are 6 bloody fronts.

  1. Ideologies

Protectionism against globalization. Environmentalism against capitalism, people against the economy of money, artificial intelligence against collective intelligence, liberalism against communism. Dogma — limiting belief, is facing a new emerging consciousness of humanity emerging from puberty. The latest neurotic crises and jolts stress all sections of population — except those who have remained connected to nature, where there are no lies.

Our invitation: connect with nature by walking there with sacredness, and connect with our deep, universal nature, in order to bring coherent wisdom aligned with your true essence. That must manifest in daylight, and let it blossom in all its power. Ideology is not any more a tangible reference.

2. Technologies

The 90s, decade of globalization. The 2000s, decade of easy money, speculation, rapid growth, and derivatives of all kinds. The 2010s, a decade of everything to technology — which should solve all problems. One more lure. We will have neither the experts, nor the time, nor the money, nor the wisdom to develop, install, maintain and secure these successive layers of fragile technology. It will not “save” us. No way. The “smart” will soon become the “stupid”.

Our invitation: discern which technology will really bring true progress to the world, in reliable and systemic way. And build it on systemic intelligence and true wisdom.

3. Talents

Our era in which over 80% of the people are not motivated by their work, mass chronic illness, mass mental imbalance, and long-term illness, being the result of a people-crushing machine, the challenge of finding committed, talented, agile, collaborative collaborators is only a false surprise. Our population is aging — and the flow of fresh cannon fodder is drying up like our mountain rivers.

Our invitation: search, find and develop our Ikigaï. It doesn’t matter at what age and after which kind of career. Just follow our gut: do what you love, what you do well, what you can get paid for, and what the world needs. Take time to take off and land, and to acquire new depth and collaborative intelligence to get there.

4. Information

With the emergence of the “knowledge” economy, of the internet, of the smartphone, all the empty spaces we had a decade ago were filled up with a constant flow of messages to draw attention to multiple “direct and smart” businesses, creating a deafening noise, stultifying, preventing discernment what is really good for us.

Our invitation: clear our mind, to make ourselves available to these inner messages of our souls, and listen to what is really good for us. And once in a while cut this continuous chain of non-information disturbing inner peace, moving us away from our true quest.

5. Dependance against autonomy

It is the same as the war of fear against love, of ego against eco, and of power against personal fulfillment. Since the emergence of patriarchy, the power of the masculine above the feminine, on our land and our people, the easiest recipe to take control is to scare, fear, shocks. Today, more than ever, we live in an atmosphere of permanent anxiety, fueled by the global challenges accumulating in exponential hyper-complexity. On the contrary, autonomy begins with an inner act of faith, carried by love.

Our invitation: to make choice at every moment, for love, for personal power, for own responsibility to radiate the best of ourselves, in service of historic collective qualitative leap of humanity consciousness on this planet.

6. Inner wars

The one that each of us leads against own sufferings, traumas, inconsistencies, addictions, unfulfilled expectations. It is the hardest, because invisible, and experiential at all times. More than ever, we are centrifuged in an increasingly rapid terrestrial and societal energy. This centrifuge makes our attachments to the past heavier and heavier (our different “black points”), and therefore demands to really listen to them, let them go, to finally enter into coherence with our own truth and uniqueness — and eventually share them with our entourage.

Our invitation: feel what unbalances us in our whirlwind of life, recognize, thank, and let go, by feeling our deep light vibrate more and more strongly in our hearts. Whatever your job is — you will need it — especially if you are in position of leadership. Take time for yourself in this hurricane of change.

“It’s up to everyone to choose the bottom of the wave or the top of the wave, drown or surf.”

Free for real

So now, which are the antidotes against the power of “the new dictators” ?

Actually, “they” have shown all their cards. We know what we are up to if we give your power to “them”. But at some point you may want to free from those ties.

Here are some recipes:

  1. Do not fear, stay “in your heart” and joy, whatever happens. Control starts with fear and anxiety. Whoever is not afraid, and trusts life, will be able to be free. So reconnect to your feelings, body and planet. take time for yourself to breathe and calm down. Have fun, love life. This will lead to optimism. It is very contagious too — as well as fear and anxiety. Choose your side.
  2. Pleasure, humor and surrealism. “They” do not have any sense of humor so this is a very powerful tool… You must be kidding… 🙂 This is the taste, the color, the smell of the life. Pleasure is a key to strong relationships and even to unlock the mind to learn and create new connexions between different pieces of knowledge. Let’s be marvelous and candid as a child. At some point, letting go frees from whatever psychological slavery. It will be carried by joy and love.
  3. “They” will not have enough manpower to manage their plans and implement their strategies. Bright young talents will not want to contribute to those more than questionable agendas…
  4. Complexity and chaos itself. “They” hate chaos. Hyper-complexity created by multiple layers of “control, lies, incoherences and manipulations” will create entropy by design. And chaos will lead to social unrest. Social unrest — with faith — will disrupt wicked agendas. Complexity of global and historical challenges will go over their heads anyway. Over a dozen tsunamis are on the way to flood our western world in all dimensions. There is no way else than strong and open collaboration that will enable collective survival.
  5. “Inner and shared” instinct and energy. Individual and collective consciousness. This is our best skill, dashboard, tool to make decision in each situation of our business or private life. It could be individual (inner) and collective (shared) instinct and consciousness to feel the responses to issues. Listen to your inner voice, instinct and intuition. It never lies. It helps to discern what is true and what is a lie, who is in and who is out, where to go and what to avoid. Incoherences are so clear now. And this confinement gave time to lots of us to inform, learn, share, meditate,…
  6. Purpose, conviction, faith & trust. The skill to feel this value allows us to develop long term relationships and cooperate with other human beings. How could we replace impulses between humans by “simulated impulses” of a robot ? The strongest human motivation is purpose — the most powerful leadership skill is building purpose. No robot, no app, no tech can do that. No-one can kill that.
  7. Coherence, humility and authenticity. Feelings and emotions cannot be summarized by detection of medical parameters. For example: human beings can feel “subtle tensions between humans in a room”. Aligned, coherent (what you say = what you do = what you feel = what you are), athentic, no-bullshit, humble posture is better than “I know it all — listen to me”, blabla, no space for others — “I blow you off” — ego — kind of postures. It saves lots of times and cuts lures. Humility enables us to surf on energies and transforms hard ordeals into energy for our thriving.
  8. Alliances building, Inspiring relations, following synchronicity between people and projects. Close your eyes and remember one “event in perfect synchronicity” of your life between you and someone else or azn other project. This is magic that co-creates and expands our energy, our emotions, on which we can build strong future alliances.
  9. We are life hackers: creativity and imagination. The psychological survival instincts will push us into smart ways to invent new solutions to live and thrive. Human creativity is colossal when it comes to finding ways to thrive and hack their psychological chains.
  10. And finally, build the new near the old, and inspire with our successes. Like Transition Towns, Extrapreneurs or Auroville, economy can be made resilient, sustainable, regenerative, creating happyness and abundance for all, with coherence inside the new culture of value creation. Even whole countries have experimented some of this like Costa Rica and Bhutan, or even Norway. They succeeded to have amongst the best standards in the world in different areas.

Cultivating and developing these resources should be the best way to not become robots or transhumans, and to find the right balance and distances between us and the robots in order to focus only on the progress they can bring to people.

True leaders know that these are the keys to fulfillment of people and of companies.

“Lets wake up. There is no-one too humble to participate in this global transition.”