(English) Build tomorrow by awakening everyone’s true calling

Source : L’Echo
Translation : Club of Brussels

The Club of Brussels* starts its second season on a key theme that touches us all: to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

About thirty experts were united in Agoria’s offices to find alternatives in reconnecting the population to their vocations, in the desire to learn about the jobs anticipated by the society of tomorrow – while facing multiple stakes that are promising to be overwhelming.

The forecast is shocking: based on the existing evidence, we will be missing 600,000 people in Belgium from here to 2030 to keep our economy turning. Even if we manage to ‘update’ the skillsets of 4,6 million people, Belgium will lose 95 billion euros of GDP per year from now to 2030, which is increasing in the meantime. We will therefore lose 540 billion, while we need as much to finance pensions, security and the 25 other historical stakes that will converge by then.

The stakes are doubled by the fact that a great number of the youth lag behind in regards to the jobs in demand, and that numerous members of generation X and Y are weakened and unable to take up on technological jobs – while they have to truck on for another 15 to 20 years…

Proposed strategy for progress

Preparing for the future by informing the public on the various stakes at hand, and how to function in a way that is more ‘systemic’. Through media publications, as well as conferences and articles, hidden issues and opportunities can be explained simply. Having a message that is pragmatic but optimistic – opportunistic and reassuring, doubles as a call to action for resources and talents around concrete projects, because we will then be doing nothing alone. Information and training around new ways to behave that work (systemic, collaborative, multisolutions) with eye witness reports and examples.

Put ideas to the test without waiting, with pioneers and visionary companies. According to the model validated by Extrapreneurs, let us make bridges between companies, regions, citizens and the authorities, starting off well-constructed collaborative projects. A regional project based on this in Walloon Brabant has already begun.

Communicate what works. Communication is key. Across the overarching noise and depression, there will emerge exciting dynamics of which citizens, companies and authorities can take part in.

Empower people and organisations towards new human and technological skills. This has to be based on the links between concrete projects bringing an added value that is direct and visible. Making links between associations, schools, local communities and Actiris, the Forem ou VDAB is essential. Professional training must be based on the motivation of every individual to flourish, on tangible perspectives of work where they can live our their passions. Also, multiply the spaces given to training, to increase the possibilities of starting. Implicate senior citizens, companies, and experts, and include online learning technology. Überise learning by bringing everyone together.

Include learning modules on ‘reconnection’ where everyone can take the time to connect with themselves and what really passions them, that will give them the energy to develop their talents in line with who they really are, and as anticipated by the rest of the world. A prerequisite. With this the individual will remain in a state of fear and dependence. Let us make no illusions, they will remain the majority – but let us construct tomorrow will profiles that are both ‘connected’ and have inner coherence. Too many people stay in their comfort zone, and so are unmotivated and inefficient. Awaken the true passions of everyone, their talents and thus motivation, which is a key towards creativity, engagement and productivity. Everyone will become entrepreneur of their own lives. A major reboot.

Co-construct the solutions and businesses of tomorrow, through entrepreneurial coalitions. Move onwards then, with discernment, to technological, creative, financial ressources and corporate coalitions to start, refine and deploy new ‘multisolutions’. Everyone pursuing their own excellence.

Ally yourselves with other regions. Once on route, be an example to other countries and regions. Let us export this new dynamic of progress. Belgium is very much expected to bring forth a new economic philosophy, which brings together humanity, sustainability and an increase in common progress. A philosophy that everyone can agree with… And therefore our current region will become attractive and many will come over to contribute to its development.

*Collective www.clubofbrussels.org: Diallo A., Legrelle A., Foucart A., de Bellefroid B., Legrand J.M., Pitsaer B., Vanden Bussche B., Bainzsyk C., Marchal C., Lodewyckx D., de Duve D., Lejeune X., Blake F., Convent F., Tablot G. Thil J.P., Fransen J. Massoels J. Verhulst J., Dufrane L., Dominicy M., de Kemmeter M., Pasture M., Soupart N., Dambly, P. Chaudoir P., Goossens R., Heymans S., Dehut I.