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Think tank for systemic regeneration

with our Extrapreneurs, we 
co-create and exponentially boost “Regeneration Islands”, from 
Brussels-based collaborative platform and think tank.

We call it “systemic regenerative” Economy

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Our events

Edition 10: Presentation of the 12 projects

Date | 21/12/2022

Time | from 6pm to 8pm

Last registration on the 20th of December

Facebook Live/Zoom phygital

The 12 teams will present their work of 2 months, on their projects.

7 countries, regeneration islands, trainings, whilst creating the « New Earth »

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Club of Brussels Mastermind

Date | 6/1/2023

Time | From 2pm to 5pm

Last registration  On invitation inly

Brussels, Belgium

Mastermind "Intercontinental Wisdom"

Edition 11th edition

Date | From 16 Oct 2023 until 15 Dec 2023

Last registration on the 15 Sept 2023

Mainly Zoom phygital

The Extrapreneurs « Special Projects » consists in a full 2 months action-training on real life challenges, or businesses to develop in a systemic regenerative way.

Send us your registration request by mail:


Book Launch

Date | 16/6/2023

Time | from 4pm to 6pm

Last registration on invitation only

London, UK

Official launch of the book « Lets Build the New Earth together - Manifesto Playbook »

Prof Michel A. de Kemmeter presents his latest book with LID Publishing

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