Experts contributors

List of experts contributors

We want to thank all the people who have helped us in the development of our papers, articles and events. It is thank to them that we are who we are today!

Key Contrinutors

We thank the people who have contributed the most to the developement of systemic economics and to the development of the Club of Brussels.

Michel Bauwens

 Peer-to-Peer Foundation Founder Co-founder

Contact : LinkedIn

Sophie Charrois

oikos International President
Board member of PRME & GRLI

Contact : LinkedIn

Orianne Corman

Systemic and Relationship
Coaching founder

Contact : LinkedIn

Benoit de Bellefroid

Collective & Systemic Intelligence Facilitator
Teacher at

Contact : LinkedIn

Philippe Dambly

Director of Cfdp Assurances
Senior lecturer at Université de Liège

Contact : LinkedIn

Jean Debrosse

JD Excellence
Consulting founder


Contact : LinkedIn

Philippe Drouillon

Metamorphosis founder
Professor at ICHEC

Contact : LinkedIn

Christian Ghymers

IRELAC president

Contact : Web Page

Arnaud Le Grelle

Regional director FEDERGON

Contact : LinkedIn

Frederik Leloup

Spirit of Change – BMI Executive Institute

Contact : LinkedIn

Elisabet Sahtouris

Elibabet Sahtouris

PhD Evolution biologist & futurist
Chair holder at the
World Business Academy

Contact : LinkedIn

Thibault Verbiest

Partner Metalaw
chairman IOUR Foundation
Professor SKEMA Business School 

Contact : LinkedIn

Punctual contributors

We thank the contributors who, although not as engaged as they key contributors, have worked with us and left a mark in the development of Systemic Thinking.

Andrea Pitasi

Jacques De Gerlache

Patrick Corsi

Eric Seuillet

Antoine Bos

Bruno Viansson-Ponté

Bruno Wattenbergh

Christine Mcdougall

Pierre Cattoire

Kristel Van Ael

Hugo Araujo

Michel Saloff-Coste

Marc Luyckx

Carlos A. González-Carrasco

Alizée Lozac’hmeur

Kris Vander Velpen

Terry Irwin

Bertrand Badré

Philippe Bobola

Christophe Degauquier

Christophe Degauquier

Sandrino Graceffa

Rudy Aernoudt

Philippe BARET

Michel Petit

Vincent Liévin

Karolien Haese

Valerie Kokoszska

Lucio Scanu

Jacques Fradin

Jean-Baptiste Watelet

Benjamin Cadranel

Philippe Defeyt

Steven Beckers

Didier Cartage

John Rizzo

Jacques Borlée

Noël Magis

Roseline d’Oreye

Charlotte Mansion

Christine Van Der Steur
Eric Vanden Broele
Baudoin le Hardÿ

Anne Snick

Bernard Jehin

Blandine Vanderlinden

Bruno Arnould

Bruno Roche

Daniel Kropf

Darshita Gillies

Diana Filippova

Elisabet Sahtouris

Eric Domb

Eric Gillet

Eric Van Hoof

Ervin Laszlo

Etienne de Callatay

Francis Blake

François Schwennicke

Frederic Donck

Frédéric Meyvaert Frederik Leloup Geert Gielens Georges Yana Jacques Despretz

Jacques van Rijckevorsel

Karim Cheblal

Karl-Heinz Lambertz


Marc Vossen Michel Saloff-Coste Moshe Garelik Paul Grosjean Philippe Cornette

Philippe Defeyt

 Kris Vander Velpen

Laurie Dufays


Serge Fautré Steven Beckers Thomas d’Ansembourg Vincent Lievin Zakaria Fahim

Manfred Hellrigl

Marc Eyskens

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