The Club of Brussels is a response to current global transformation and economic transition. We're creating new societal models to achieve economic, environmental and human sustainability. To make this happen, the Club of Brussels brings together change-makers, experts, entrepreneurs and (young) leaders so they can cooperate and exchange strategies, as well as providing them the necessary skills to implement an approach more in touch with the Systemic Economy within companies, universities, organizations and society as a whole.

The ecological, social, political and economic crises are all interdependent. In order to confront a crisis that is systemic, our alternatives are going to have to be systemic as well.


Learn more about the Systemic Economy with this video from our partner Fundación Solón :


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L'ampleur des dettes cumulées nécessite l'avènement de solutions diamétralement différentes et d'une triple prise de conscience des citoyens, des entreprises et des gouvernements.

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