The Club of Brussels is a response to global transformation and economic transition. We innovate the next societal models to achieve economical, environmental and human sustainability. For this purpose, the Club of Brussels gathers change-makers, experts, entrepreneurs and (young) leaders to develop cooperation and exchange strategies as well as providing them the necessary skills to implement more systemic economics within companies, universities, organizations and more globally the society.

The ecological, social, political and economic crises are all interdependent. That's why, in order to confront the systemic crisis, we need systemic alternatives.


Learn more about the systemic economy with this video from our partner Fundación Solón :


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La participation transversale est une opportunité historique pour répondre aux prochains défis sociétaux cruciaux. Elle semble être un outil efficace pour réduire l’injustice sociale, l’exclusion ou le stress au travail.

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