Thank you all who have attended the 8th Systemic Economy Summit

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Time to rethink our economy

In response to the current economic transition around the world, the Club of Brussels is working to set up new societal models to achieve economic, environmental and human sustainability.

We bring change-makers, experts, entrepreneurs and young leaders together to cooperate and exchange strategies, giving them the skills to bring the Systemic Economy to companies, universities, organisations and society as a whole.

The ecological, social, political and economic crises are all interdependent. To confront a crisis that is systemic, our alternatives are going to have to be systemic as well.

What is the Systemic Economy?

(Video from our partner Fundación Solón)

Club of Brussels Season 2

For the second season of the Club of Brussels, we will focus on applying the theories we developed in the first season into practice.

The goal of each workshop will be to develop a pilot project responding to the needs of the stakeholders in various domains such as: training employees with the skills needed for a future workforce, managing waste through decentralised recycling, renovating public real estate, sustainable agriculture and risk management.

Once each project is defined, it will be incubated by our Extrapreneurs program. Initial investment will be provided by applicant stakeholders. Each project will have a team leader and a group of volunteers selected.

Participation in the workshops is exclusive to experts, companies, stakeholders and other dedicated pioneers.

Our experience in developing systemic projects (almost 20 within Extrapreneurs), as well as our theoretical knowledge and future vision, makes us an ideal partner for developing long-term solutions and new business models for organisations seeking innovation.

To know the dates of our workshops, check out our Events page.

If you are a stakeholder or represent an organisation looking for solutions, feel free to contact us at

In the News

We've published articles in French for the prominent Belgian newspapers l'Echo and le Soir.

Beginning with the second season, we will publish articles in Flemish for the newspaper De Tijd.

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