Extrapreneurs is an incubator for sustainable projects based on the innovative principles of systemic economy.

In collaboration with public and private partners, Extrapreneurs provides concrete solutions and contributes to the resolution of current societal issues.

Professional experience in entrepreneurship

Contribute to a sustainable societal or organizational project from A to Z

Belong to a global living-lab

Knowledge center at your disposal

Outsource your regenerative and systemic transition project

Access to a structured program and a project space

Create & develop a network around your project

Build agile strategic alliances

The systemic economy

The term systemic is coined from the ancient Greek systema (σύστημα), “organized whole“.

The economy is the set of activities of a human community relating to the production, distribution and consumption of wealth.

Today, too often, the yardstick for evaluating the economy rests on the financial outcome (creation of financial wealth), based on the extraction of values from the planet and people.

The systemic economy is an economic model that considers that value is no longer only material and financial. It also takes into consideration the intangible. It is a sustainable economy, built for and with all, regenerating the environment and the people, supported by the personal power of each. It is the science and intelligence of the link, cybernetics, the management of complexity.

It is based on 3 pillars:


Measure tangible capital (environmental and financial capital) and processes; and take stock of intangible values (emotional, knowledge, motivations, talents, etc.).


Reconnect, between them, the different actors of the ecosystem; connect their needs, their resources, their talents, their territories, their raison d’être…


Create multi-solutions (business models that respond to several global challenges simultaneously) for a model that regenerates people, the planet and economic circuits and that contributes to the common good.

To sum up, it is an economic model where the human becomes an actor in the system beside being a consumer; it is therefore above all a personal choice where a desire is established to move from a 2D linear model to a 3D ecosystem.

An economic model based on a better organization and allocation of resources, serving the challenges and needs, in a collaborative way and with a business intelligence that values the intangible and the immaterial, rather than planetary and human extraction for the intentions of accumulation.

In this approach, systemic economics predicts that the companies that will still be present in 20 years will be those that have been able to create as much human value as material value.

how does it apply to a project?

Systemic economics applies to a project according to a specific method made up of new tools created especially for it. We have developed different tools such as the 7D-Value, the Macro-scoop, the 7D-Risk, the Alliance Map… Here is a taste, from the book « Le Nouveau Jeu économique » by Michel de Kemmeter and Paul Mauhin .

The classic business model, linear and not very value-creating, where the company plays the intermediary between the supplier and its customer has reached its limits. Now is the perfect time to upgrade to a 3D model. A pillar of the systemic economy, working with its ecosystem makes it possible to detect new potential for value creation and activate new resources.


Draw the ecosystem of your organization, project or company. The ecosystem includes the list of all the stakeholders gravitating around an epicenter constituted by the company. There are a lot of possibilities for “stakeholders”, so don’t set yourself limits. Important to note, a stakeholder is an actor or group of actors, not a function.

Define what are the needs and problems (passives) that stakeholders encounter at the 7 levels (7D-Value). Also identify the resources they have that could be of interest to you or other players in your ecosystem (assets).

This is where you finally step into the power of systemic economics: inventing new “value creation loops”. Cross-reference needs and resources, across your entire ecosystem.

Like a “plug-and-play”. Each loop must create value. It is always a project, a product-service, an action, a strategic alliance. Ensure that these new value creation loops create human, environmental and societal progress, and above all, contribute to the common good, in one or more vital functions of society (health, education, mobility, housing, entrepreneurship, etc.) .

Save all your sketches and new ideas! In general, the best ideas emerge in the form of weak signals, the slightly crazy idea coming at the last minute, coming from the “outsider” participant who has been silent so far. These signals are often overlooked and yet it is a detail that can make all the difference.

Our Train-action

for citizens who want to make things happen

Extrapreneurs is a training-action of co-entrepreneurship intended for people who are interested in economic transition, new business models and who want to solve societal issues at the local level.

Participants work on a sustainable, regenerative and systemic project, while benefiting from additional training and professional experience.

This program is open to everyone: whether you are a young person full of ideas or an experienced person in search of renewal, you are welcome! We advocate diversity of age, culture, function, industry… from 18 to 75 years old.


9 weeks to develop a project of regenerative systemic alternatives.

Learning applied to a concrete project, between theory and practice of collective intelligence.

Private coaching & advice based on systemic economic thinking.

An opportunity to co-undertake regenerative systemic alternatives.

Master the systemic regenerative transition, the construction of your own island of resilience and the territorial transition.

Training mainly in distance learning allowing you to be present no matter where you are in the world.

Our Incubateur

for the innovative projects of your company, start-up or  public service

Extrapreneurs allows a company or organization to submit its project to our incubator.

Whether in the field of education, food, decentralized recycling, multi-function real estate, economic forecasting, ecology, well-being at work… We have the experience to support your term project.

Based on your request, the Extrapreneurs participants develop a business model during the 9 weeks of co-entrepreneurship in systemic economy. They develop the project externally with the support of qualified coaches and experts. The ideal is to take the time of two cohorts (one year in all) in order to successfully complete the projects.

Complete, with us, your external innovation projects and/or your long-term challenges, while training profiles for regenerative and systemic transition.

In short, Extrapreneurs takes care of your innovation and the systemic resolution of some of your challenges.

60% of companies fail to innovate internally. And in a world that is facing many changes, a company that cannot innovate often finds itself lagging behind. There are many examples of failed appointments…

So why aren’t organizations innovating in the first place?

These include a rigid corporate hierarchy, a lack of time, and the inevitable presence of the inherent risks that always present themselves when stepping out of your comfort zone.

This is why Extrapreneurs exists. By sending us your project to be developed by us, we will take the time and the risks necessary to manage your innovation.

Our incubator is also accessible to independent projects or start-ups!